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TPO Roofing San Diego

TPO single ply roofing in San Diego California. 

TPO ROOFING membrane single ply roofing.

We gladly present TPO Single ply in San Diego as an energy efficient product, Energy Star Product. 

We have the experience and product knowledge to offer you the right roof system at the right price. 

Roofing company skill and standard vary, but you have found a second-generation family business dedicated to quality, honest home and commercial service. Let our TPO roofing company do the right roofing installation the first time. For years of comfort and durability. 


TPO Roofing single ply roofing system. Well known in Europe since the 1990's is been a product that is been design  as a cool roofing system with superior strength and durability. TPO SINGLE PLY ROOFING was known for the name of flexible Thermo Polyolefin which means it will be reheated and will not cure and it will be flexible. TPO which means thermos Plastic Olefin which will be reheated and reheated and will not cure, its flexible and with high strength and durability make the perfect match for your new flat roof. Poly-Olefin is a chemical used on TPO Roofing membranes.   

Why TPO roofing single ply membrane: 

TPO single ply has been tested on heavy rains in Europe and the USA. 

Strength and durability. 

Cool Roofing system energy star product.  

Maximize production. 

No flames involved and fire hazard. 

Will not interrupt your daily business work. 

Reflective roofing product, will reflect heat from the sun. 

Will save on energy cost as a reflective cool roofing system. 

It can be used on any commercial and residential roof. 

No smelly tar and vapors as other old products.   

Title 24 compliant.  

The logic of wearing a black shirt and wearing a white shirt will make a difference in a sunny day !dare to compare and TPO will make the same principle but this time on your roof. 


Common uses of TPO SINGLE PLY ROOFING: For industrial roofs, for commercial roofing, for flat roofs, apartments,condominiums, home owners association buildings, schools, large warehouses, hospitals, restaurants, large facilities, military complexes, hotels, low slope roofs, stores etc. 


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